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Luxury, Traditional or Log Cabin Outpost - something for every expectation and every budget!

Northwestern Ontario’s picturesque Cliff Lake gains its name from the numerous rock cliffs that encircle much of its shoreline. Lost Bay Resort & Outpost Camp is located on this splendid, complex body of water. Cliff Lake is primarily clear and deep but has numerous shallower bays and abundant rivers and streams enter the lake. Cliff Lake, at 5700 acres is the major body of water of our nearly 8000-acre fishery, including the attached chain of lakes and the nearby portage lakes. Taken together there are 100 plus miles of shoreline, 99% is pristine wilderness, providing unsurpassed ambiance and unlimited fishing possibilities. There is always a pleasant place to fish regardless of wind conditions provided by the numerous segments, channels and islands.

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Cliff Lake is a rarity! One of few where sportsmen can find deep, cold water Lake Trout and warm water Muskie, Pike, Walleye and Smallmouth Bass in great abundance, additionally there are Perch and White Fish. Because there are so few camps on the lake, fishing pressure is light and the fish grow large. Once away from camp you will likely spend hours, perhaps all day, on the water without seeing another boat. Fishing Cliff Lake is the closest you can get to a wilderness fly in type experience at a drive in camp.

Lost Bay Resort and Outpost Camp offer different camp environments and have three varieties of housekeeping accommodations, something for every expectation and every budget! Both camps are family friendly; with special child rates, and lots for kids to do.

Lost Bay Resort, Our Headquarters, is easily accessed just one half mile off the paved highway, it is located on a secluded bay that is gentle on boats. Here you will find Traditional Canadian modernized cabins with separate bedrooms and indoor plumbing, and our new Luxury Timber Frame Home, with fantastic views, lots of space, three bedrooms, two baths and more.

Outpost Camp is ten miles off the paved highway, on the northwest end of the Lake, far from civilization it is situated on a peninsula that carves out a sheltered bay. The camp was originally built in the 1920's, the 4 main rustic log cabins and modest lodge blend graciously into the treed shoreline of Cliff Lake, one of the clearest in Canada. These one-room log cabins capture the true essence of a rustic Canadian retreat.

Outpost Camp is an ideal place for large groups; from 12 to 25 people, more if some camp. We have a very inexpensive “you own the camp” fixed rate for groups and that includes the use of the lodge for cooking, dining and gathering.

Lost Bay Resort and Outpost Camp is located three hours north of International Falls on highway 105, just north of the town of Vermillion Bay in northwestern Ontario Canada.

Fishing at Lost Bay and Outpost Camp on Ontario Canada’s Cliff Lake:

Our fishery offers a great variety of fishing - Walleye fishing, Trout fishing, Muskie or Musky fishing, Smallmouth bass fishing and Northern fishing. Locally the Northern Pike are called Jackfish. It is interesting that both big Muskies and big Northern Pike coexist on Cliff Lake. Ice fishing for Walleye, Trout, Smallmouth, Northern Pike or Muskie is not available at the camps because the septic and water systems freeze up in wintertime.

Hunting at Lost Bay and Outpost Camp on Ontario Canada’s Cliff Lake:

Bear hunting, Moose hunting, and Grouse Hunting are available at Lost Bay and Outpost. See the web page dedicated to hunting for the specifics of our Bear Hunts, Moose Hunts or Grouse Hunting. An extra bonus for our Bear and Grouse hunters is the Walleye, Trout, Smallmouth, Northern Pike or Muskie fishing. Nearly all of the Bear are shot early or late in the day, leaving mid day available to land that giant Walleye, Muskie or Northern.

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A word about the different types of plans provided by Canadian Fishing Resorts.

Typically all camps provide lodging and boats and motors. Where the variation comes in is the meals, maid, and transportation and guide service.

  • American Plan; includes lodging and meals,
  • Housekeeping; you bring and prepare your own food in your own cabin
  • Boat in; the camp is located on a remote lake not serviced by a road so the camps are accessed by boat
  • Fly in; the camp is located on a remote lake not serviced by a road so it is necessary to fly in, primarily with a floatplane.
  • Outpost Camp; singular or small group of remote cabins with no full time staff – you’re on your own – more or less
  • Fly in Outpost, as the proceeding this is a singular or small group of remote cabins requiring air, or sometime boat, access.
  • Drive in; the camp can be accessed by road.

Lost Bay is a drive in Housekeeping plan Resort

Outpost Camp is a Housekeeping outpost Camp.

Likely, if you’ve checked the rates, you’ll see Outpost Camp offers the best value in Northwestern Ontario